Welcome Jacksonia Grayce!

This week we joyfully added a new member to our household, Jacksonia Grayce of Monaven… aka “Grayce.”  We found this to be a fitting name as “Jacksonia” was the nickname I always called my precious Jackson from the time he was little and “Grace” means “gift from God.”  We absolutely feel that our angel Jackson had something to do with sending this sweet gift into our arms!

We chose to get Grayce to honor Jackson.  His absolute best friend in the world was Maximus, the Great Dane.  And I know that if Jackson was still here he would be on cloud 9 to have a new “baby” (GIANT) sister!  Here’s Jacks (as a pup!) and his BFF Max.

It’s taking Baylor a little bit of time to adjust… he’s used to being the baby of the family!!!  …but we have no doubt he will grow into the best big brother ever! :)

He’s warming up… really. :)

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