The Many Sizes of Grayce

It is truly remarkable how large… and how FAST… a Great Dane puppy grows! I kind of thought I knew what I was in for… but now… not so sure! :-D

…but I wouldn’t change a thing!! Scroll down to watch our baby Grayce grow before your very eyes… kind of like she does with us!

2 months – awwww… the baby :)

2.5 months – still holding comfortably

3 months – a tad heavy, the leg prop works wonders!

4 months – hurry and take the picture i’m going to drop her!

5 months –  i think this may be the last pic of me “holding” her.  her feet are practically on the ground anyway!

6 months (80 lbs) – all future pics will reflect her sitting on my lap… until she’s even too big for that!!

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