Welcome “Aidan” to the Green Barn!

We looooove meeting new ponies!

Welcome Aidan!

Aidan, a gorgeous 22 y.o. chestnut American Saddlebred retired show gelding has finally made his debut at the Green Barn!  Originally from Ridgefield Arena near St. Louis, Missouri, Aidan braved the long trip and arrived Friday afternoon.  Fanny and Mr. Sinatra were especially interested to meet their new friend!

Aidan’s original owner Robin gets the “auntie of the year” award as she has decided to make a little’s girl’s dream come true by giving her niece Jordan her very first pony!

Don’t you wish you had an Aunt Robin?  lol!

Welcome Aidan, Jordan, Laura (Jordan’s mom) and family!

And don’t worry Robin, we’ll send you tons of pics of Aidan having a blast in his new home!!!

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