Farms aren’t JUST for ponies…

I mean really, what’s the point of having a big, giant farm if you don’t fill it up with at least 1 of every single species of animal on the planet?

LOL, but seriously.  I think that may be Brandon’s evil plan… (I can hear him “muhahaha-ing”)

When it was just me, I was totally OK with a farm full of ponies and 1 perfect dog, my beloved Grayce (my blog! therefore, my opinion!! :)

Oh yes, and a couple of barn kitties that just kinda showed up and did their own thing.  But it’s not just me anymore… with the addition of Brandon into my life, along came the following; in order according to how they slowly and 1-by-1 migrated to the farm….. Lily (chihuahua/pug), Harley (rescued pit bull), Keeper (piggie), Peanut (piggie #2), Willie Nelson (goat), Jeff D (donkey foal), Priscilla (mini goat), Jack & Jill (lionhead rabbits) and 1 lone no-named chicken… not to mention Grayce’s first-born monster-child Judah (he’s 140lbs at 16mos old) who I dreamed into existence and ALL THE OTHERS “Brandon-Bleeding-Heart-for-Animals” has rescued and rehomed already, but that’s for another blog, another day :)


Don’t tell Brandon, but I have to admit, I kinda like it.  The new world of miniature petting zoo-ism is growing on me – AS LONG AS – the farm animals stay outside!! On the farm where they belong!!!

And that mostly happens… except for this.. and this… and this…..


But you tell me… have you literally ever seen anything cuter in life than this?? A 3 year-old EIT (equestrienne-in-training) riding a 4 month-old donkey foal who is my namesake??  The donkey, that is… not the kid!  hahaha.

Pretty sure life just keeps getting better and better :)

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