2 years in the life…

So… it’s been a minute or 2 since i’ve blogged.  Wellllll, more like 2 years – eek!

Although my website hasn’t reflected it, there has been a LOT going on at the barn!!!  I was thinking recently about how much i’ve missed writing and keeping the world (or my little world at least) updated on all the amazing, difficult, heart wrenching, beautiful and hilariously fun things going on around my little piece of heaven… the Green Barn.

Bear with me; I have quite a bit to catch up on!  We’ve had horses come, and horses go… we lost a few of our sweetest babies to the natural course of nature which majorly sucked, and life continues to roll on.  We have fabulous new boarders who entrust me with their greatest treasures: their 4 legged children whose quirky, individual personalities remind me how lucky I am that I get to do what I love each and every day.  In the last 2 years, we WELCOMED: Pascale (an adorable POA who is really coming along over fences) and her owner Sophie, Badger & Mocha (QHs who were bred on a 56,000 acre working ranch in Colorado) and their owner Vivian, Bluebelle (a Walker Cross who commands ALL the attention in the room, in a nice way… lol) and her owner Ashton, Crescent (a Walker Cross that you just can’t help but continually kiss her sweet nose each time you see her) and her owner Grace, JJ (a monstrously humongous WB whose beauty takes your breath away) and his owner Ashton, Ginger (THE cutest pony ever) and her owner Hanna, Bonnie and Calypso (2 Walkers that hail all the way from Cali and told me they’re enjoying the changes in the seasons) and their owners Vickie and Mike, and Accuracy (a handsome 3yo TB baby) and his owner Emily, who adopted him from New Vocations, a non-profit who specializes in finding new homes for TB horses that failed to perform on the track, but deserve to live out their days: happy, healthy and loved!  And he certainly will!

Now, if you’re truly interested in a crash course of “2 years in the life” at the barn, read on… :)

It snowed.  A lot (especially for Tennessee!)


I managed to (sort of) ski down my hill :)


so I ran off to my favorite beach… a bunch of times… but not without taking a bit of the barn with me :)


Rachel (Moon’s mommy!) and Sam got married!!!


and our sweet Glinda went to heaven… :(


then, right after our new fence was put up, it came down… UGH!


but we get crap done around here so it’s all good… we fixed it!


Ben is still a complete dork


and then this happened… THIS IS WHY WE WEAR HELMETS PEOPLE!  haha… but I was fine :)


…after I had surgery, that is… ouch


Our new kitty baby “Hallow” literally wandered up on Halloween and never left!


My first-born child Grayce (on the right) got married and went on her honeymoon with her man “Sir Harley Jo Maron


…and then there were 8 :)


It was an amazing few months full of SOOOO much love!! (and cleaning, lol)


oh the wonder of puppies :)


After raising this boy since he was a year old, I rode our sweet Remmers for the first time!!!


…and I figured out how much I adore this goofball


I was an emotional wreck for a good while when Buddy (right) went to heaven after a years-long battle with quittor in his hoof  :(


but I did cheer way up after getting my first Harley – a 1990 Sportster that I love, love, love


We added to the pack of critters… again and again and again, lol


but Grayce certainly wasn’t complaining.  She loves being a mommy, even to “Keeper”


I asked Brandon to do some weed eating, and he said “work smarter, not harder”


but I still spent about 100 hours a week mowing (or so it felt!)


I got fancied up for the annual Steeplechase at Percy Warner Park


and we welcomed Lily and Becca – 2 of our faves – back to the barn!  YAYYYYYY!!!


…and then this sweet creature graced my life and in a whirlwind brought more joy and laughter than words can describe


There were more baby pigs :)


and the horses napped way more than I was able to!


My sweet girl, Midnite Tserenade, is still going strong at 24 years old


Brandon worked so hard to get the arena in tip-top shape!


…and if that wasn’t awesome enough he hand-cut several miles of trails for us thru the woods!  YAHOO!


Brandon’s creativity and Sam’s lack of fear of heights got the barn painted! It’s actually “the GREEN barn” again!


The hay loft was finally cleaned out! What a huge, sneezy job!


And there were more barn work days :)


…it’s always fun when the ponies come to lunch too!


I had so much fun with my girls


and a baby to play with :) awe


I watched every single debate and HAD to amuse myself thru it………. lol


and we got out there and rode at Bowie Park


The little one’s first trip to the beach was so fun to experience


and we had another fabulous barn Christmas party (2016)


“JeffD” the baby donkey was also very into Christmas :)


…aaaaand it got cold again.  Ugh.  But at least I could wear my cute hat :)


Brandon rescued 2 sweet babies who were in less than great condition…


Sugar (pictured above) has done great and is still with us and Angel went to a wonderful new home!


There is sooo much love on this farm!


…and my “baby” isn’t a baby anymore… Judah – Grayce’s 1 year old, first-born son is bigger than her now!


Juju loves to snuggle…


…but even more so, to dance


If you’ve hung in here with me this long, thanks!  These were my top 50 memories since my last article.  Stay tuned or even subscribe to the blog for more updates of the goings on at the Green Barn… I promise it won’t be another 2 years :)

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