The Green Barn’s Christmas Ponies!

This year, for my boarder’s Christmas gifts, I decided to do a framed photo of each of the ponies at the Green Barn… but of course we couldn’t stop there… It is Christmas right?

“Air” – Trakehner Gelding

“Chief” – Draft/X Gelding

“Godiva Jolene” – TB Mare

“Mr. Sinatra” – Spotted Saddle Gelding

“Mozart Ozark” – TB Gelding (Grandpa Grey)

“Serenade” – Arabian Mare (and my princess :)

“Smoke” – Tennessee Walker Gelding

The best part about all this is AFTER I spent approximately 2 hours attempting to get the santa hat to stay on the horses’ heads and take their pictures… it occurred to me that I could have Photoshopped these… haha!!

I assure you, my anxiety about getting trampled went into every picture!  Enjoy!

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